Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Great Ugly Fabric Challenge of 2011

What a great challenge! Everyone came up with fun and imaginative ideas for how to use their ugly fabric. Now you get the chance to vote - choose the one that you think used their ugly fabric the best! To vote, you can either leave a comment for this post, or leave a comment on the post I will put on the RS facebook page. The winner will receive a pair of really nice fabric scissors. But really, we're all winners, right?;) Good job ladies! Here are the contestants, in no particular order.

Let's start with what was chosen us the winner for the ugliest fabric, and was randomly drawn by Miss Kimberly

Yeah, that's just ugly no matter how you look at it. And here's what she created!

She used a stack-and-whack technique, creating these amazing kaleidoscope-like flowers.

She's going to finish off the edges with a double piping, and make it into a prayer rug/mat.

And here's the fabric Miss Nicole chose.

Wow, what an unfortunate color combination. What were they thinking. Nicole came through with this cute potholder.

By matching the ugly fabric with a cute coordinating green fabric, she created something that actually works. It makes me feel Irish....and I'm not even Irish!;)

Nicole brought the potholder unfinished, and used it to help teach us how to bind at our last meeting. Thanks Nicole!

Next up is Miss Ruth and her ugly fabric.

What the what? This ugly fabric had her stumped about what to make for a long time. She finally gathered together a bunch of fall-inspired scraps of fabric and made this.

She finished off the edge of this tablerunner with a green ribbon, which really brought it all together.

We're all military spouses, so it's only fitting that someone get this ugly fabric, and that someone was Miss Elizabeth.

Oh, it's just so manly and ugly, what will she make? How about a completely un-manly, and adorable stuffed lamb?

I'm envisioning a whole nativity set made out of that - how about it Elizabeth?;)

And now, for what we refer to as the "naughty" fabric, chosen by Miss Becky.

We're thinking she's going to really have to cut that up into small pieces to hide the ladies. But no - Becky decides to make shorts for Kyler instead, to torment her mother, hahahahahaha!

Oh Becky, you are so brave and hilarious.

Last, but not least, Miss Joanna chose this lovely piece of ugly fabric.

Then Joanna surprised us all by asking Becky for a small piece of the "naughty" fabric. She said she had an idea, and we were intrigued. This was what she made using both of her ugly fabrics.

For this potholder, the "naughty" fabric is on the bottom, and she actually made her own chanelle with the cactus fabric.

Very cool! Great job everyone - I hope you enjoyed this challenge as much as I did. Now vote!:)


  1. I love Ruth's table runner, just perfect for fall!

  2. beckys shorts cracked me up!! But everyone did an awsome job!

  3. You ladies are TRULY amazing! I loved them all.

  4. Great challenge!! I actually really like Joanna's! Great combination of fabrics and a different use for them.

  5. I really like Elizabeth's lamb! So cute!

  6. I am incredibly impressed with all of them! Great job ladies! My vote will have to go with Kimberly's beautiful flowers.

  7. HOW do you choose????? The fabrics cracked me up!! Uuuuuuugly! I give one vote for the shorts, the lamb and the kaleidoscope flowers quilt. Everyone did a GREAT job!! :)

  8. I like the cool design made by Joanna.


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